Rebirth of a Nation

A multi-voiced ode to the upcoming Fourth of July

TY Liao
3 min readJun 2, 2020


We stood for something

The world believed it

That something is now lost

How strange, we tried to be great.

Last breaths squeezed out, live on camera

Simple and indifferent

Like your thumb on an ant

They don’t have feelings

Do they?

You must “dominate” protesters

The president says to governors

A man named Chauvin heard those words

Before they were tweeted

Who looks weak now?

Executions are televised

Though revolutions still aren’t

“People are in the street looking for a brighter day”

Safer being tear-gassed than sitting on your couch

Or going out for a jog.

Death by virus or death at the hand of The Law

Disproportionately taking out those Of Color

What’s the difference

When the powers that be look on

Warning darkly about “November Third”?

BBQ and beer make a mess of face masks

Don’t you know, you pussies who wear them

Let’s bring baseball back

We need something to celebrate.


The title Rebirth of a Nation references both the poem’s subtitle, with the Fourth of July being the nation’s birthday, and, in an intentionally ironic fashion, the racist propaganda film of a similar name.

The title also represents the author’s hopes for this pivotal moment we are in. Will we push forward and bring about a rebirth? Or will the current outrage and solidarity recede once again?



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